How did we discover Kayu Fruit?

In 2018, we traveled to Latin America and met with local cacao producers who invented a new way of harvesting cacao. This new method enabled them to separate the cacao beans and the previously “lost” cacao fruit pulp. After tasting it we decided that everybody should discover this deliciously tasting fruit. Not only would this be a great opportunity to help the farmers get more revenue but it would also help reduce food waste.

In 2020, we brought the first cacao fruit pouches to the UK and had people taste it. The reaction was overwhelming so we decided to make it our full time mission!

Cacao fruit is sweet, sour, and full of theobromine, which is a natural stimulant similar to caffeine. As we all need a boost during our busy lives, even at home during lockdown, and still care about what we drink, we decided to make our own Kayu Fruit | Plant Based Energy Drink.

We combined Kayu fruit, yerba mate, sparkling water, lemon juice, and a bit of plant-based Vitamin B2 to make a drink that boosts your energy levels whilst still being good for you. No added sugar, no nasties! Giving you the perfect combination to drink with purpose: helping the environment, improving your health, and at the same time allowing you to discover a new fruit.

Meet the Co-founders