What is Greenwashing? The Facts and What to Look Out For

With environmental concerns being at the forefront of the news, we are all aware that something needs to change. With sea levels rising and animals going extinct, we need to make sure we’re doing everything we can to turn the tide. From recycling to riding a bicycle to work it all adds up, but what are the big companies doing about it? Well here’s the thing… a lot of them are greenwashing. But what is greenwashing and what does it means to our planet? Grab a can of Kayu and let’s find out… 

So what is greenwashing?

Greenwashing is a marketing or PR strategy that persuades the consumer that their products, policies and aims are environmentally friendly. However, these companies focus more of their time and resources on looking eco-conscious than actually helping the planet. It can be completely misleading to individuals purchasing items and they think that they’re making a sustainable choice! Unfortunately, these consumers have bought into the fake facade but it is an easy thing to do when you don’t know the telltale signs!

Don’t fall for it!

The CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) found that there were a staggering 40% of green claims online that could be misleading! That’s a heck of a lot of essentially false advertising! Here are some tips on how to spot the eco-friendly from the not-so-friendly. 

Trust your gut 

Getting water flown from Fiji may not seem exactly environmentally friendly when it’s being flown across the world. The same may apply when buying a “conscious collection” piece in a fast fashion brand Plus if a product is throwing around those eco buzz words without a stamp or badge from eco organisations, chances are that’s all they have... buzz words. 

Pay the price 

If you’re paying a quarter of the price as a similar product next to it chances are it was made cheaply in a third world country. Not exactly sustainable, ethical or environmentally friendly. Any product that has the planet in mind will be slightly more expensive.. we certainly think it’s worth the cost! 

Do your research 

If you’re committed to lowering your carbon footprint then doing your own research will go a long way. There are lots of articles and resources out there that will be able to guide you to who’s good and who’s bad. Luckily, for us in the UK, the CMA has published the Green Claims Code. This document will effectively pave the way for companies to start being honest about their environmental claims! 

Here are some books to get you started…

Practising sustainability by Guruprasad Madhavan, Barbara Oakley, David Green, David Koon, Penny Low

Is it really green? By Georgina Wilson-Powell

The sustainable(ish) living guide by Jen Gale

Greenwashing is damaging! 

By promoting that their product is environmentally friendly, these companies are essentially lying to their consumers and still causing havoc on the planet! They will be cheaper than other eco-fighting products and therefore more tempting. But do your research, stand strong and let’s stand up to greenwashing together! 

How is Kayu different?

We love the rainforest, without it, we wouldn’t have one of Kayu’s main ingredients… Cacao. So it is our top priority that we protect the land, as well as the farmers, and here is why you can trust us. 

  • We use cacao fruit pulp in our drink, we’re transparent about where we get our fruit from and how! 
  • We reduce food waste by using 40g of the previously wasted cacao fruit pulp in each can! It’s downright canny (wink wink). 
  • By buying the fruit pulp we are supporting our farmers by ensuring they are generating more revenue without extra work! 

You can buy and drink Kayu, in the knowledge that we are good for you and the planet! 

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