Were there any benefits to Veganuary? Let’s review!

January always seems like the longest month of the year, but it’s also a great opportunity to try Veganuary. Now that we’re in February we want to delve into whether it was worth it. So whether you attempted going plant-based for fun or to get a health kick let’s see what the benefits really were… 

Does veganism = eco-warrior?

The short answer is yes! Cutting dairy and meat will cut your carbon footprint by 73% - that’s a massive drop. Researchers at Oxford even found that if everyone went vegan the global farmland could be reduced by 75%, which would roughly be the size of the US, China, Australia and the EU combined. Now that is a heck of a lot of land! Greenhouses gasses overall would drop and all that extra land would return back to the wild, helping the wildlife that is currently going through a mass extinction. Yay for the animals! 

Seems like a no brainer right? Well, it isn’t always the case. Being vegan means you still have to make sensible choices if you want to be sustainable. From packaging to where your fruit and veg is being transported from, it all adds up! At Kayu, we kept this in mind so our packaging is recyclable - we even use aluminium which is infinitely recyclable! We also have cacao pulp in our recipe which would normally be wasted! 

Is being vegan good for you?

Absolutely! A diet full of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and high fibre results in decreased chances of getting bowel cancer. Whole grains and nuts protect and strengthen your heart and removing red meat and cheese means your cholesterol levels and blood pressure will be lower. 

Being vegan, however, does not automatically guarantee a healthy diet. There are plenty of crisps and vegan snacks out there! You have to work hard to ensure you don’t miss vital vitamins like B12, proteins or omega-3. Making sensible choices is key for any diet, it’s always about balance. With Kayu, we contain all-natural ingredients and vitamin B2 to help improve your health! 

Living on the veg

Being vegan isn’t all health and sustainability - all diets have to be well rounded and research is definitely advised! Here are 7 mistakes to avoid, as advised by healthline.com   

Veganism doesn’t always mean healthier! - Keep the balance of grains, carbohydrates and veg.
Don’t miss out on vitamin B12 - It isn’t easily found in a vegan diet, vitamin supplements will be key.
Eating too few calories - Make sure to keep those calories in check. Vegans eat on average 600 calories less a day!
Not drinking enough water - With a high fibre diet you will need lots of water to help with digestion.
Don’t forget about iron - Normally found in meat but can be found in lentils, beans and nuts!
Not eating enough whole foods - There are a lot of vegan snacks and treats that do little to contribute to your diet! Meal planning will be your best friend.
Low in calcium - Normally found in dairy products, it’s important to replace with calcium-rich foods like kale, broccoli, almonds and oranges.  

Tofu or not tofu? That is the question… 

There are lots of options for vegan alternatives from almond butter and coconut milk to tofu and tempeh. You can even get your favourite starbucks with a milk alternative. As veganism becomes increasingly popular it’s great to see the food industry adapt. Lots of brands such as Bosh, THIS and Beyond meat produce plant-based delicious meals, all available from your local supermarket and not forgetting Kayu as your favourite vegan energy drink.

Kayu is plant-based! 

Good news to all the vegans out there, not only is Kayu completely plant-based, it also contains important vitamins. We are also sustainable! Our packaging is recyclable, we support the farmers who harvest our cacao beans AND we source our fruit responsibly. What’s not to love?! We are the eco-friendly, vegan energy drink that tastes good, makes you feel good, and looks after the planet. 

Try Kayu today!