How much food waste could we be reducing this Easter from eating our Easter eggs?

This easter, around 10,400,000 kg of food will be wasted from chocolate easter egg production!

Easter is fast approaching, the chocolate eggs are flying off the shelves, and people are ready to eat their weight in chocolate. It’s the tradition for families all over the UK. With lockdown rules still in place, it also seems that most of  Easter Sunday will be spent outside around a barbecue or picnic, come rain or shine, to be with our loved ones. That certainly won’t stop us celebrating and tucking into our beloved Easter eggs, with on average, 80 million chocolate eggs being bought each year in the UK.

With this delicious chocolate treat also comes food waste that people don't often think of. So how can we reduce food waste, as those eggs are certainly going to be polished off? Well, it all goes back to the start of the chocolate-making process with the humble cocoa fruit pod. For those who are not aware, cocoa beans are from a fruit with a delicious sweet and sour flesh surrounding the beans. Due to the harvesting process, the pulp is discarded and often left to waste away in the field. For 1kg of chocolate, approximately 500g of pulp is left.

What’s a little leftover pulp in a field, some may say. Well, this Easter, our team at Kayu have calculated that around an astounding 10,400,000 kg of fruit pulp will be wasted in those fields from the chocolate easter eggs alone! That’s the equivalent to  23,370,786 supermarket pre-packed fruit salads.

Food waste is currently a global crisis, with charities such as WRAP calling for action to reduce food waste worldwide and help tackle climate change. There are many different areas in which food waste occurs, and WRAP has warned that there is still much to do in every area of the food chain from farm to fork and not just about the food we throw away.

While everyone should enjoy this Easter with those delicious dinners and chocolate eggs, being mindful of waste is definitely food for thought.