Celebrate #WorldWildlifeDay 2022 with Kayu

It’s World Wildlife Day on the 3rd of March and we’re super excited to celebrate the animals and plants of this wonderful world… cue Louis Armstrong. However, the 3rd of March is also vital to raise awareness of both the highs and lows that the planet is currently facing. Every little helps, so let’s educate ourselves on how to be more environmentally friendly and make a positive change together.

Problems surrounding wildlife

You may not know but we are currently facing the sixth mass extinction but what is this? Mass extinction is a widespread and rapid decrease in the biodiversity on Earth (such as animals). Extinction is a part of life, for instance, 98% of organisms that have ever existed are now extinct. A normal extinction rate is around 1 species per 10,00 species per 100 years. However, this latest extinction is happening a lot quicker and with each species that is lost a vital role in our ecosystem disappears. The main cause of this extinction? Human activity. Agriculture is causing soil degradation and deforestation whilst human overpopulation results in overconsumption and toxic pollution. So what can we do to help?  

Use less plastic

We produce 300 million tons of plastic each year worldwide. It may not be a surprise to know that plastic takes thousands of years to biodegrade meaning it takes up valuable space in landfill sites. If they don’t end up there, they are polluting our lands and oceans. There are a few ways that you can help avoid this… 

  • Use a reusable bottle instead of buying a throw-away plastic bottle 
  • Buy a canvas tote to use instead of plastic bags from supermarkets
  • Opt for products that use less packaging such as loose vegetables and fruit 

You can also try and reach for glass, card or metal alternatives when you can. These are much better options to plastic and that is why we use aluminum cans for Kayu. They are 100% recyclable. 

A risk to wildlife

When plastic does hit the oceans it can be absolutely devastating. Plastic can holders and straws in particular can really disrupt the wildlife that relies on the oceans to live. Birds and tortoises get caught up in the plastic can holders meaning their life can be at risk! Avoid buying drinks that have these holders. 

Stick to the paths…

…and let nature thrive! If you do go exploring in the countryside try to stick to paths where you can. Going “off-road” may seem like fun but you will potentially be disturbing lots of animal homes! The UK has one-quarter of native mammals at risk of extinction. The water vole, hedgehog and dormouse to name a few. There have been some great conservation efforts so far, such as the bridge to help dormice migrate but we can all help with these small changes. 

Your garden wildlife sanctuary 

If you have a garden why not make it a haven for the little animals that are struggling to find a home? You can buy wood slices with holes in them that essentially become bee hotels. Find an old wine crate, fill with straw and you’ve made a little hedgehog home. 

You can also fill your garden with wildflowers to help insects to thrive. As a bonus, your garden will look absolutely magical. Don’t have a garden? Try a window box or planter on your balcony. If neither of these is possible try to donate money or time to organisations such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. There is a full list of charities and organisations on Eartheasy that are constantly pushing for a greener future. 

Over to you

There are lots of ways that you can help save the planet and animals so why not start this World Wildlife Day? Whilst you’re busy being an eco-warrior be sure to enjoy a can of Kayu - don’t worry we’re not bad for the environment. Not only are our cans 100% recyclable but we protect the rainforests where we get our cacao beans from. We also reduce waste by using 40% of the pulp in our recipe that would have normally been thrown away. It’s important to us that we’re making a conscious effort to help the planet. Let’s be eco-warriors together! 

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