Are Energy Drinks Bad For You? The Problems with Traditional Energy Drinks

On the days we really need a boost it’s great to grab an energy drink to help get that pep in your step. However, you may not know that some energy drink brands can negatively impact your health. Let’s take a look at what to avoid and why you should make the switch to Kayu…

Take care of your heart…

…trust us you need it. The main ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine which isn’t surprising right? However, it’s the amount of caffeine in these brands that are going to be putting pressure on your heart. If you drink over 400 milligrams a day you may experience… 

Heart palpitations 
Increased blood pressure
Increased heart rates 
Heart rhythm disturbances

The highest caffeine content in the energy drink sector is 160 mg in a 500 ml can. That’s 4 shots of espresso in one can!

Kayu contains 50 mg of caffeine per 250g, roughly one cup of coffee. This is to make sure that you get what you need without excesses. Our caffeine is not synthetic, but instead, it is sourced from coffee beans, no nasties.

We also added 100% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B2 to reduce tiredness and fatigue. No worries, it is sourced from corn, no chemicals! 

Nobody likes the dentist

Sweet tooth? Well, you may be surprised about the amount of sugar in these energy drinks. 

Some of these drinks have more than double the recommended intake (30g per day). High amounts of sugar can lead to diabetes, tooth decay and obesity.  

The most popular energy drink on the market contains almost the whole recommended daily intake of sugar, 27.5 grams in a 250ml can. 

Kayu only contains 8g of sugars in a 250ml can and they are naturally contained in the ingredients - no added sugars here! 

Kayu does things differently

We want to focus on giving you a boost, naturally.. 7 Natural ingredients, to create a natural energy drink with an amazing flavour. 

🍫 Cacao Fruit Pulp - Never had it? It’s amazing because it will give you that extra kick you need - no energy crashes for you!

🍯 Agave syrup - Sweet as honey, tasty as Kayu 🤭

🍋 Lemon - Tangy and good for digestion.

🌽 Vitamin B2 from Corn - For that extra health kick. 

🚀 Caffeine from Coffee Beans - Reduces fatigue. Bye-bye sleepy head 👋

🍃 All Natural Flavourings - C’mon, we wouldn’t give you anything less than absolutely delicious now would we? As always, we’re keeping it natural - yummy!

💦 Sparkling Water - for that extra sparkle. 

We’re not like the other drinks - we’ll give you that boost AND keep you healthy.