5 Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Mother Earth this Mother's Day

Global warming is at an all-time high with 2020 being the second warmest year on record and the animals of the world suffering mass extinctions. It is our responsibility to do what we can to protect the planet. Why not show her just how much you care this Mothers’ Day? Here are some tips and tricks on how you can celebrate Mother Earth.

Get involved

Donating to charities and organisations that focus on protecting the planet is always a great idea. However, you can also get a bit more hands-on with these events happening this March… 

  • Join Protect Earth and plant 750 trees at Bourton on the water on the 14th of March. The ultimate show of love for the planet.
  • Turn off your lights for Earth Hour! On the 26th of March, at 8:30 pm local time switch off your lights ad take part in raising awareness to save the planet.    
  • Enjoy an eco-festival from your home! 400 parts per million highlights young female artists and activists, showcasing short films, audio plays and podcasts. All focused on making the world a better place. 

Why not organise an event of your own? You and your friends can get together and do a Clothes Swap Party. Close the circle on fast fashion by giving pre-loved clothes a new lease of life.

Whether you’re at home or out and about, raising awareness of climate change and showing Mother Earth some love is a great way to protect the planet. 

Let’s go shopping!

Not able to go to an event? That’s okay! There are lots of other ways you can celebrate Mother Earth. Here are some sustainable products you can buy or make yourself…  

  • Turn your garden into a natural haven with Kabloom - the seed bombs that encourage the natural beauty of Mother Earth whilst helping the bees.

  • Do you have a plastic bottle lying around? Why not make a bird feeder! Encourage the birds to enjoy a seed or two by following this bird feed tutorial from the Natural History Museum. 
  • Swap to a sustainable energy drink with Kayu. Not only are we helping reduce waste but we are all-natural using what Mother Nature gave us.    

So, let those wildflowers bloom and support wildlife in your garden. Mother Earth will be thanking you! 

Happy News 

A new species of burrowing frog has been discovered! Called the “Chocolate frog”, this little amphibian is named not for the reference to Harry Potter but for its brown colouring. This tiny, 1-2cm frog was discovered in the Amazon after eluding Biologists for years. They were only discovered due to the beeping sound they make. 

After everything Mother Nature provides we need to show her some love, and Mother’s Day is a great day to do so. So whether you’re joining an event or providing a safe animal haven in your garden be sure to enjoy with a can of Kayu!