5 Easy Sustainable Swaps To Help Farmers

What does sustainability mean to you? Most of us think that it’s just reducing our carbon footprint and using less plastic but there’s more to it than that. It can also mean making choices that help farmers who harvest the products. 

It’s sad to see that farmers still face issues such as poverty, forced labour, gender inequality and many more. The Fairtrade organisation are fighting to bring positive change to the lives of these farmers, but what can you do?

Want to help? 

35,000 products are Fairtrade registered so all you need to do is keep an eye out for their logo. To get you started on your sustainable journey we have some great Fairtrade options that are easy to swap and most importantly help farmers. 

Let’s go bananas

Bananas are a staple food for millions of people and a major export for many countries. Each supermarket will offer Fairtrade bananas, be sure to pick up this bunch next time you’re doing your food shop. This ensures that the farmers who spend hours on this labour-intensive farming are empowered with benefits and improvements to their conditions. 

Don’t talk to us until we’ve had our morning coffee!

Coffee is a multi-million-pound industry with 1.6 billion cups brewed every single day. Worldwide, 125 million people rely on the coffee industry for their livelihoods and yet are unable to earn a reliable living. Fairtrade ensures that when the market price of coffee drops, farmers have a Fairtrade Minimum Price bringing them stability and regular income. Furthermore, Fairtrade Premium gives farmers an extra sum of money that they can invest in their business or the community. 

Food of the Gods

When we’re in a chocolate heavenly bliss, we can easily agree that the cocoa bean is the  “food of the gods”. Even though cocoa is so popular, farmers are facing poverty as well as child and forced labour. Switching to Fairtrade chocolate means you’re supporting farmers so they’re able to receive fair prices that don’t drop. We looove the Divine range you can buy from Waitrose and as a bonus, this company is co-owned by the cocoa farmers!    

Ooo we love a cuppa 

Sustainable loose leaf tea is the perfect way to enjoy a brew. A great recommendation is the wide range of tea from Suki Tea Makers that are Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. They have a lot of love for their farmers. To be uber sustainable why not buy a stainless steel tea strainer or infuser and ditch the tea bags? There are lots of designs to choose from to make sustainability fun. We love this London bus infuser from T2 that makes us feel like a propa’ Brit. 

Kayu 💚’s Farmers

We found the lost fruit… seriously. A lot of products use the cacao bean however a large portion then goes to waste. Crazy considering how good this part tastes! 

At Kayu, we decided to use this pulp in our recipes to not only make them taste better but to stop the wastage AND give our farmers the opportunity to sell more for the same work. We use 40g of pulp per can which means if you swap your energy drink for Kayu, you’re helping farmers and being sustainable. 

If we all come together and swap out our everyday items for Fairtrade products we can ensure that the farmers who are behind this yummy food are treated well - they more than deserve it!